In construction

This is to become my new personal website, but as you can probably see after exploring it a bit, it’s a work in progress. It will replace the one at, which will probably be shut down completely after some time. I am setting this up as an R Markdown website hosted at a GitHub repo, which offers much more flexibility than Blogger (for me this is mainly about automation and reproducibility), but is still fairly basic compared to a blogdown website, ensuring I will be able to maintain it with minimal effort.

Raison d’être

The reason for putting this website together is basically two-fold. The first part is very well summarized by this quote of Yihui Xie, from his blogdown book:

I web, therefore I am a spiderman

I strongly believe this to be true, especially for people doing scientific research or creating open content in any kind of way. There are of course many platforms available that allow people to “web” and hence “be”, but I like to be in full control here.

The second part is that it’s a means for me to try and keep track of the things I do, whether it’s as an amateur or a professional. This includes e.g. lists of software and cheatsheets so I can easily find again how I solved some problem the last time I encountered it.


For regular updates on my professional interests and personal commitments, have a look at my Twitter profile. If you have questions, or you just enjoyed some of the content I’m providing here, please do not hesitate to notify me with a mention, direct message or email! For science- and R package-related things, please use my work email.

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